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Security Licensing Information - Victoria police - LRD
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Security Licensing Information - Victoria police - LRD

The following information comes from the Victoria Police website:

Release date: Mon 11 August 2008

Last updated: Thu 21 February 2013

Private Security Industry

The private security industry encompasses a broad range of activities including security guarding, crowd controllers, investigators, bodyguards, security advisors and equipment installers. The Private Security Act 2004 was enacted to preserve the safety and peace of all Victorians with regards to private security.

Any person or business undertaking private security activities in the State of Victoria must be the holder of a Private Security Licence or Registration issued by Victoria Police.

The private security industry is regulated by Victoria Police's Licensing & Regulation Division (LRD).

LRD is responsible for:

  • Granting private security licences and registrations, including renewals
  • Approval of training and trainers
  • Compliance and enforcement activities

From this page, you can find information on the following:


Register of Private Security Licence, Registration and Permit holders


Private Security Licences

Security Guarding (Incorporating armed and unarmed guard, guard with a dog, cash in transit, control room operator and monitoring centre operator)
Crowd Control


Private Security Registrations

Security Adviser
Security Equipment Installer


Renewing a private security licence or registration


Forms and Downloads

Notification of change of address

News and Events


Frequently Asked Questions

Alarm Response and Alpha Codes

Positional Asphyxia

Trainer Organisations

Training Requirements

Applying for a licence in Victoria under mutual recognition (page under construction)

Eligibility requirements (page under construction)

Approved Security Industry Organisations

Application for a visitor permit

Providing Feedback to the Licensing & Regulation Division


Private Security Licences

Release date: Tue 23 October 2012

Last updated: Thu 22 November 2012

This page provides information on the types of private security activities that require licensing in Victoria and the eligibility requirements for these licences.

Eligibility for a private security licence

To ensure the safety of all Victorians, there are minimum standards that all licence applicants are required to meet before they are eligible to perform work within the private security. These requirements are outlined in the relevant form.

To be eligible for a private security licence in the State of Victoria, you must:

  • Be 18 years or over
  • Be a resident of Australia or be the holder of a current visa (with relevant work rights)
  • Be subject to a National Police Check which requires the taking of your fingerprints*
  • Not be a prohibited person
  • Be a fit and proper person. This includes not having any medical condition or history with police that would hinder your employment within the industry
  • Demonstrate competency for working in the security industry by way of completing training relevant to the private security activity or activities you wish to be licensed for
  • Provide 2 written references outlining your suitability for employment within the private security industry

* Please visit Requirement to be Fingerprinted for further information on fingerprinting for private security licences.

Licence Types

These are the private security activities that require a licence in Victoria. Applicants may apply for one or more licence types. An explanation of each type together with information on training requirements, application forms and fees are able to found by clicking on the links below:

Individual Licences

Security Guarding
(Security guarding incorporates a number of sub activities - armed and unarmed guard, cash in transit, guarding with a dog, control room operator and monitoring centre operator)

Crowd Control




Business Licences

Business Licence (providing the services of other persons to carry on any one or more of the above activities)